August 19, 2020


When it comes to standing up to heavy traffic from feet — and furry paws — of all sizes, we’ve got you covered. Where stain resistant fabrics meets everyday life, UBU is there to help you create a home that always looks its best!

The Fun-Loving Family

Fancy dips. Meatballs. Hot chocolate. Espresso. Red wine. Why is it that every festive treat this time of year seems to be a major stain maker? Whether you’re hosting a daytime play date for a dozen kids on winter break or a swanky New Year’s Eve soirée, keep spills from becoming stains with liquid-resistant fabric, and you’ll never have to worry about that cocoa or cabernet becoming permanent. Is your living room the official headquarters of family movie hangouts, game nights, or your epic inter-generational pillow fight championships? Make sure your furniture is dressed in a performance fabric from end to end, and spilled drinks or dirty shoes will be no match for your stain and dirt-resistant furniture. If your home is party central, make sure our high performance fabrics are the guest of honor!

Pro-Tip: Fabric Stains Don’t Stand a Chance!

All performance fabrics inherently resist virtually all stains and spills — some of our stain resistant fabrics are even designed to actually repel liquids. The occasional spilled glass of wine or coffee will simply bead up and puddle on the fabric, allowing you the chance to blot by hand with a clean cloth and make it disappear.

The Furry Babies

They’re every bit as much your family as the two-legged members, but when it comes to your furry babies, let’s face it…four paws and a tail lead to twice as many muddy footprints and spills. Performance fabrics were designed with children in mind, but UBU knows that families come in all shapes and sizes. Our high performance fabrics are loved by many designers who use them in high-traffic spaces completely outside the realm of kids — so feel free to think outside the (litter) box! Protect your furniture against accidents and odors with our stain resistant furniture options, and let man’s best friends stay indoors where they belong.

Pro-Tip: Keep it Fresh!

Our InsideOut and Crypton performance fabrics are designed with Silver ion technology, which helps resist microbial development and inhibits odor causing bacteria.

Pro-Tip: Strength is Beautiful!

All performance fabrics by UBU meet and exceed Industry standards for durability. They are constructed to meet high wearability standards, combining durable fibers and heavy duty construction. Visit UBU today to see the huge variety of performance fabrics for yourself. Fall in love with your next sofa, chair or ottoman in a durable, cleanable fabric and don’t worry about what life throws at it.



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