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Sleep Better, Live Better

  • Queen mattress sets start at $599
  • Made in West Michigan
  • Used in the top Michigan resorts
  • Luxurious comfort and exceptional durability
  • Chiropractor approved

Are you waking up to a stiff neck or sore back?

5 signs you may need a new mattress:

  1. You’ve had your mattress longer than 7 years
  2. You wake up sore and stiff all over
  3. Rolling to the middle of the mattress
  4. You hear squeaks, creaks, and groans when you lie down on the bed
  5. Your mattress is lumpy, bumpy or is uneven

Get the best nights rest on the best mattress

Call or visit UBU Home Furnishings today and let us tell you all about Lady Americana Mattresses which are made locally in Grand Rapids, MI!