Pet Friendly Area Rugs

August 10, 2020

Need help choosing a pet friendly rug for the home? Here are five steps to consider when selecting the best rug that is both stylish and durable.





We love natural wool since it is eco-friendly, naturally fire-resistant and easy to care for with pets.

Jute or Sisal

These natural fibers are not the best choice if your pet likes to dig and scratch.


Our sustainable polyester yarns are made from recycled plastic bottles so both Earth-friendly and an affordable, durable fiber for pets. These are available in indoor/outdoor styles.


Synthetic yarns that are durable and generally non-absorbant. You can find these designs available in indoor/outdoor styles.



Cut Pile

Hand-made rugs that are either tufted or knotted are available with cut pile surfaces. This means the ends of the yarns are sheared.

Consider cut pile if your pet has long nails and likes to scratch and dig at surfaces.

Loop Pile

The loops on hand-made (hooked) rugs create a great, soft look but can sometimes be a challenge for pets that like to scratch.

If you love this look and your pet is less likely to dig at the loops, this is a great construction choice. Simply cut the loop evenly with the top of the rug if there’s an occasional stray.


Flatweave rugs are a great choice for pets since they are lighter and easy to move around. Tighter weaves can typically withstand a pet that likes to dig and scratch.



Wool, polyester and polypropylene yarns are all easy to clean. Depending on the size of the rug, you can typically take the rug outside and hose it off with water and mild soap.

For larger room size rugs, contact a professional to clean the rug either in your home or at their facility.

Tufted rugs with latex and cotton backing may be best cleaned by a professional, especially since they take longer to dry.

If hosing an easy care, indoor/outdoor rug outside, make sure you hang it over a railing so both sides dry completely.

Jute rugs are not as easy to clean pet stains as other fibers.


Color Choice

Dark colors would be the best choice for hiding pet stains. If your pet has a light-colored coat, however, dark rugs will really show their fur as they shed. Lesson Here? Try to coordinate the rug color to your pet’s coat to camouflage any shedding.



Contemporary and modern designs with more open patterns will not hide stains as well.

Rugs with busy or intricate patterns can hide a multitude of sins and are a great choice for both dog and cat owners.

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