Living with Your Furniture

October 8, 2021

October is upon us, and with that turn of the calendar page comes the realization that we are mere weeks away from the Holiday Season. Whether you are team Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s, or a combination of all of the above, there is one common factor that spreads through each event: people. Now if you are anything like me, a millennial introvert whose anxiety spikes at the thought of anyone not regularly living in my house entering it because I couldn’t tell you the last time I wiped down my baseboards, the thought of guests showing up for their annual visit might make you a bit exhausted. But, in the interest of positive thinking: if the past almost two years has taught us anything it is appreciating the little things, and to take advantage of the moments we get to spend with others- and ourselves- in our homes. 


Maybe that’s seeing your Grandpa snuggled with your kids in the living room reading the Ghastly Crumb Tinies pre-Trick ‘r’ Treating, or perhaps your chosen family gathering around the television watching the Lions lose on Thanksgiving while you eat turkey and stuffing from your sectional, or maybe it you on your sofa in a cuddle puddle with your dogs watching White Christmas while you eat cookies and the snow falls. Whatever and however you celebrate- and no matter if it is with a plethora of family members, or you practicing in some much needed self care- we all nest this time of year. In part, that might mean oodles of decorations or layering on extra blankets, but it also means that our furniture needs to show up for our annual cold-weather shenanigans. 


But Sara, you say, that seems out of left field. However now that you mention it, how does my upholstery factor into my annual New Year’s Eve bash? I’m glad you asked, dear reader. 

Our sofas, chairs, and sectionals get their work out during the calendar’s final months. Grandkids like to make forts with your cushions by the tree? Enjoy a good movie night with your partner which obviously includes throwing buttery popcorn at each other? Did melty snow create a mud bath for the dog, who just jumped on your favorite chair moments after being outside? Yep. I get you boo. We’ve all been there. When looking for new seating it’s important to consider all these special, yet everyday instances, as “life happens”, right? Doing the research to make sure that new sofa will have high quality cushion cores to hold up to all the lily-pad hopping, lava avoiding rowdiness ensures longevity for the next rounds of Holiday seasons. Investing in a piece upholstered in Performance Fabric provides a sigh of relief when your coworker Diane spills her fourth glass of red wine down the arm of your new white cuddle chair at the work Holiday party. 

At the end of the day, or year as the case may be, it is all about peace of mind. Things can be stressful enough around seasonal activities, the last thing we want to deal with is how to remove grease off the ottoman you spilled your latke on. Making upholstery seating choices that work for you will not only help to ease the potential pain of clean up, but also remind you during your post-holiday comma that because you selected items the way you did they will still be around for many holiday seasons to come. And doesn’t that bring tidings of comfort and joy. So pour yourself another glass of eggnog and join the dance party, or drink tea with your cat and color in your favorite footie pajamas. No judgments. Celebrate your happy.


Sara Vohlkin

UBU Accessory Manager

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