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Happiness Guarantee

Your Happiness, Guaranteed.

We know that ordering a piece of furniture requires a leap of faith. And we want to offer you some peace of mind. 


If you’re not happy with your choice upon arrival, our Happiness Guarantee allows you to reselect one piece of furniture for no added cost!


This guarantee applies to all major purchases, as well as our design services. That’s right: if we don’t come up with a design plan that you like, we will refund the design fee! While this is rare, we want to protect your investment and ensure you’re absolutely thrilled with your choices.


Additionally, we inspect the furnishing as it arrives for hidden damage and any other issues before the furniture is delivered. Just another way we ensure you’re happy with your purchase!

Montage Furniture Warranty

Harrison’s West partners with Montage Furniture Protection to offer you further peace of mind on your new furniture purchase. Montage warranties your purchase for 5 years against issues such as fabric damage, punctures, sun fading, cushion damage, and broken frames. This plan covers everything on your order, including upholstery, wood furniture, area rugs, and recliners.


We believe so strongly in Montage that if you purchase a Montage Furniture Warranty and don’t use the policy in the 5-year coverage term, we’ll refund the purchase price to you in the form of a store credit. You must bring us your original receipt and the Montage policy within 6 months of your coverage term ending.

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