Consider shopping at UBU if…

You aren’t allergic to color.

We like brown, light brown & dark brown as well as the next person, but really….you won’t be greeted with a sea of brown furniture when you enter UBU.  We find that color adds life to your home, an attitude of “fun” and makes your morning coffee taste better!

If you don’t like pricing games.

We don’t believe in inflating a price so that we can advertise it at 40-70% off.

No pricing games here.  When UBU has a sale event, our discount is off of our everyday selling price.

You like helpful designers but don’t need to be followed…

We won’t hound you but we are excited to help you express your style through the look and feel of your home.  At UBU, our sales staff are all degreed interior designers and specialize in giving you personalized attention either in-store or in-home.

You are tired of lying awake at night, tossing & turning on that uncomfortable mattress.

Sleep better.  Live Better.  UBU’s design team will help you uncover the mysteries inside a mattress so that you can see and understand what makes our ‘Made in GR’ bedding the best choice!  Our mattresses will help you-be-you instead of you-be-red-eyed-monster.

You love the idea of having your home reflect your personality.

Let us help you see what could be!  Lots of the items at UBU are ready to take or get delivered right away, but if you have a little time, why not personalize it?  Create your own look! Sofas, chairs, dining rooms, sectionals, and bedrooms – you can customize most of them with hundreds of choices of fabrics, leathers & finishes (often at no additional cost).