Everything we do is designed to encourage you to be you.

For example:

    • UBU partners with manufacturers to create style and/or fabric options that are specific to UBU customers,
    • UBU searches far and wide for accessories that you don’t usually find in your traditional furniture stores
    • UBU collaborates with local artists and businesses
    • UBU offers personalized attention through in-store and in-home design services that work with you to best express YOU through the look and feel of your home.

UBU has a “one size fits one” philosophy.  Furniture that lets “You-Be-You”.  Your home should reflect your personality.  There’s no need to choose from only what someone happens to stock in their warehouse or what a manufacturer decides to “close out”.

So, is UBU a national chain?  Well, that was the top question we were asked during our first year in business.  The most common location offered up was… “San Francisco”.  The answer is… well, we are not just yet.  UBU is locally created, owned, and operated.  Kris Wassink and her brother Vic Machiela together have over 60 years of home furnishings experience.  They live, work, raise kids, attend church, and make friends right here in West Michigan. Vic is quick to say that he has never desired to make UBU the biggest… just the best.