Kent Variations Custom Sofa

Custom options available. Call for more information.

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Additional Info:

Made in Ohio, USA

Lifetime warranty on frames and springs

Most pieces available in fabric and leather

Contrast Welting Available

Other Cushion Styles Available

Other Arm, Back, Base, Seat, and Leg Styles Available


Measurements Bases on B22 Pleated Arm (Longest Arm)

B14 Rolled- Subtract 1″ Per Arm

B16 Flare, B17 Curved Scoop, B20 Slope Track and B23 Sweep- Subtract 4″ Per Arm

B15 Track and B21 Curved Flare- Subtract 3″ Per Arm

B18 Flared Sock and B19 Wide Track- Subtract 2″ Per Arm


40″ Overall for 23″ Seat Choices

38″ Overall For 21″ Seat Choices


38″ Overall Heights for Tall Pre-Back Choices

36″ Overall Heights for Standard Pre-Back Choices


Overall Heights are 22″ (Based on Premiere Insert and To to of Cushion Crown)

Additional Pieces Available:

Condo Sofa: W82” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Sofa: W92” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Long Sofa: W102” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Grand Sofa: W112” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Ottoman: W30” x D21” x H18-20”

Storage Ottoman: W45” x D32” x H18-20”

LA/RA Chaise: W34” x D58-60” x H36-38”

Armless Section: W25” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Armless Loveseat: W49” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Square Corner: W40” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Curved Corner: W38-40” x D46-48” x H36-38”

LA/RA Sofa: W83” x D38-40” x H36-38”

LA/RA Loveseat: W58” x D38-40” x H36-38”

LA/RA Corner Sofa: W98” x D38-40” x H36-38”

Also Available as Chair Group